What are the Best 6 Types of Flowers to Say Sorry?

What are the Best 6 Types of Flowers to Say Sorry?

For a sincere apology, it is enough to show that you really regret what happened. One great way to do this are flowers to say sorry. Use apology flowers delivery in London by following the link to order the best bouquet for reconciliation. However, remember that the best way to fix the situation is to talk and solve the problem, and not just give a bouquet without words.

The Best 6 Types of Flowers to Say Sorry

The language of flowers is incredibly rich. Choosing a variety, shape, and even shade, you radically change the essence of the message. Just imagine what rich stories a whole bouquet of apologies flowers can tell!


The rose is a classic flower to say sorry. When choosing the right option, pay attention to several important points:

  • Red and burgundy roses are a symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion. They are suitable for an apology to your girlfriend or wife.
  • White roses represent family well-being and stability. You can give them as an apology to a wife, sister, or mother.
  • The bright yellow rose symbolises friendship and joyful time spent together. Pick these flowers to apologise to a friend.


Chrysanthemums are perhaps the best choice for sincerely asking for forgiveness. The chrysanthemum symbolises truth and pure sacrificial love. Yellow flowers represent an easy life, wealth, prosperity, and health. It is also a symbol of warm friendship, power, and dignity. White chrysanthemums are given to emphasise the veracity or sincerity of feelings. Complementing your apologies with a chrysanthemum bouquet, you will talk about your loyalty and devotion, and express your sincere regrets about what happened.


As the first spring flowers, tulips emphasise hope, rebirth. and new beginnings. This is a great metaphor for restoring trust. White tulips, in particular, symbolise forgiveness, honour, attention, and respect. It makes them the perfect flowers for sorry. 

Red tulips represent passionate love, so they can be given as an apology to a romantic partner. Pink tulips mean care and affection. So gifting them to a friend or family member might be appropriate. Yellow tulips symbolise hope and happiness, telling about your hope for forgiveness and the promise of happier days ahead.


Exotic orchids symbolise love and care, which means they ideally embody the feelings that you want to express during reconciliation. A purple orchid can be given as a sign of respect to a person who is offended by you. It is believed that the flower will attract to its owner all the most necessary and beneficial things in his sphere.

A yellow orchid will bring a positive attitude and help a person to see only the good, as well as build mutual understanding. The flower is given with the best wishes as a sign of attracting happiness.

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Beautiful lilies of any colour mean nobility and fragility, reminding us how important it is to rise above resentment and maintain close relationships. Purple flowers are given when people do not dare to express their feelings directly. They are best used as a sign of reconciliation after a major quarrel in the family.


Daisies are a symbol of rebirth. A delicate white flower with a yellow centre indicates that spring has come. Nature awakens after the winter cold and with it bright sincere feelings.

This flower is a symbol of sincerity and truth will tell about your deep repentance and regret better than any words. A bouquet of daisies means good intentions.

Daisies in the language of flowers is a declaration of pure and bright love. At the same time, it is a signal that a person is ready to overcome difficulties and wait for a long time in the name of future happiness. You can give your bellowed woman a large beautiful bouquet of daisies as a sign of reconciliation.

Which Bouquet to Choose for an Apology?

The modern assortment of bouquets is striking in variety. Bouquets are different in shape, size, colour, and design. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to choose the right apologise flower. But the advice listed above will help you.

Also, it is recommended to consider the shape of the bouquet:

  • Classic spherical or drop-shaped bouquets look simple, concise, neat, and elegant.
  • Creative people will like asymmetric forms.
  • Vertical bouquets (from flowers on high stems cause admiration even among the most offended persons.
  • You can also apologise in a non-standard way by sending a box of flowers to a loved one. 
  • To older people, it is better to give flowers in a basket.

Flowers are a beautiful and touching gesture that will make a strong start in reconciliation. However, the most important part of an apology is a sincere conversation that will help restore relationships. Express regret about what happened, admit your mistake, and show that you are ready to draw the right conclusions from the situation.