Chatbot Integration in Major Companies

Chatbot Integration in Major Companies

Chatbots are interactive computer programs or software that simulate human conversation through text or voice interaction. They are used in business for various reasons, such as improving the customer experience. In 2017, an industry survey revealed that 34% of consumers preferred communicating with bots in online retail situations. 

As we continue to see the chatbot industry scale at an unprecedented growth rate, let’s take a look at some of the most recognizable brands that are integrating chatbots into their user experience. 

Brands That Use Chatbots to Their Advantage 


Using the Lyft app is easy, offering rideshare services across most of the United States. Their in-app chatbot incorporates safety measures and helps customers book a ride without much effort. Lyft has bots on Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, and Slack to make their services accessible to all types of customers. All of these cross-platform bots make it easy to get a ride without needing to navigate through the app. Chatbots work by:

  • Giving customers updates on the license plate and the car’s model and make 
  • Informing the customers when the driver is on their way to them
  • Ensuring that access to customer help is easy 
  • Letting drivers attract clients with each ride they give
  • Allowing clients to send a request to the drivers through their bots


Spotify is a media service provider that gives its users access to millions of songs. Their bots help users by explaining how to make playlists directly from Facebook, improving accessibility and overall user experience. The chatbot also enables users to use Facebook Messenger to find and search for their favorite content and can even allow customers to send 30-second audios to their friends on Messenger.

All of these features improve accessibility and encourage users to use the service across multiple touchpoints, better integrating use throughout their everyday routines.

Whole Foods

Shopping at Whole Foods has become easier with new expansions into food tech, which was enabled when the grocery chain created a partnership with Facebook Messenger. The Whole Foods Facebook Messenger bot shares an extensive number of meals found and tested by Whole Foods with nutritional values and precise instructions included. The bot allows customers to search and browse recipes with emojis and find nearby stores to purchase ingredients. 

The Whole Foods bot makes grocery planning and shopping simple by providing recipe inspiration and creates a clear path to purchase through suggesting nearby stores with available ingredients.

Benefits of Integrating Chatbots into Businesses 

Incorporating chatbots in businesses comes with benefits for both consumers and businesses.

Increases customer engagement

Chatbots help brands improve their customer engagement by conveying real-time responses to consumers and adding an individualized touch to the conversations. Instead of waiting for a live representative to become available, chatbots can answer the most common questions with little input from live employees.

Achieves scalability of support

Scaling support options can help a brand successfully deal with any traffic increase. Specifically, chatbots can assist through the use of support chatbot templates, where common questions are outlined with clear responses, thus reducing the amount of input on the business side. Chatbots can handle thousands of conversations and promptly answer each question asked. 

Improves lead generation

Artificial intelligence bots are used to guide consumers to make swift decisions for lead generation ensuring higher conversion rates. They do so by qualifying leads by asking them pertinent questions and nurturing qualified leads based on their customer journey.

Streamlines customer onboarding process

Companies use chatbots to educate consumers and ease their onboarding process by asking questions and gathering answers to dispatch the customers to what they are looking for. They also help businesses direct consumers to the best place to access the info they need to make informed decisions.

Chatbots are changing the outlines of customer communication, and is at the forefront of innovation. Learn more about bots at, and register your bot at